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A community for the discussion of all the various aspects of goth fashion
This is a community exclusively for the discussion of all the various aspects of gothic fashion. It was inspired by the awesomecostume community created by silverstah, and the same principles behind its creation apply here as well.

There are two conditions for posting. Firstly, these images cannot be of yourself or of your creations. Secondly, you must describe to us why these images inspire you. Responses should be kept civil. If you don't appreciate the images, a polite reply as to why you found a lack is acceptable. A snark or a flame in response is not.

This is not a community in which to advertise your sales or companies. If you want to post your goods for sale, that's all pretty much most other "gothic fashion" communities seem currently devoted. Go there instead if that is the purpose of your post.

Any advertisements will be deleted as spam and the poster will be banned. No exceptions. We are all eager to tell the world that we are a community made up of literate, well-read and well-educated people. Prove it. Read the rules and follow them.

This is a moderated community, and memberships must be approved.

If you are a seller, here are communities where you can peddle your wares. Be sure to read their rules before posting.


If you are wanting to show off your own creations, try these communities:


If you are a moderator of a community and would like to be added to or removed from either of these lists, please email me.

This is also a community for polite discourse. We all have our differing opinions on what constitutes style and fashion, and we are all (I hope) capable of discussing them in a civilized fashion.